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What ETX Life Is All About

We think the tight knit communities of East Texas each have something unique to offer. We intend to explore each one and share our discoveries with you. One of the great things about living here is our proximity to other cities and states. We encourage everyone to have a sense of adventure and try out new activities, restaurants, retail shops, classes, events and more to support local businesses and help foster community growth. We look at it as one big family, that’s why you will see recipes, kid friendly suggestions and other topics you would talk about with people closest to you. If you have an ETX treasure you would like to share please email us here. We love hearing from you and featuring folks on ETXlife.com

About Our Founder: Ciara Polikretis

My East Texas roots run deep. My grandmother was born in Gilmer right before the Great Depression. The family moved to California when my Dad was a little boy in search of more jobs. The East Texas connection resurfaced when the company my Dad worked for closed the plant in San Francisco and relocated to Marshall, TX. As big as Texas is, life managed to reach out and put my Dad 47 miles from his birthplace after 40 years. I bounced back and forth between Texas and California for several years. I lived in Gilmer, Longview, Austin and Waco where I graduated with a degree in Communications from Baylor. Sic ’em Bears. Like my Grandparents, I moved to California in search of more opportunity. I got that when I met my husband and we started our own web development business and had our daughter. When my Dad got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer we sold everything that wouldn’t fit in our rented Suburban and moved to Marshall within 3 weeks. Family is everything and we wanted to give my Dad as much time with his granddaughter as possible. Now our daughter gets to go on nature walks with Dodah in the piney woods as we celebrate the East Texas life.
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