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At ETX Life, We Want To Inspire Everyone To Have A Sense Of Adventure In East Texas. Our Goal Is To Highlight, Promote And Support Local Businesses. We Invite You To Follow Along On Our Journey As We Encourage And Foster Community Growth In the Region.

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Rebranding is exciting and a little nerve wracking. Big corporations do it and so can you. Here’s why you should consider rebranding your business. We

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Season 2 Episode 13

Instagram vs. Reality

In honor of International Women’s Day, Holli and Ciara share some research and advice on social media and mental health. In a recent poll, 6 out of 10 people globally said their lives would be better if social media didn’t exist. You can permanently disrupt your feed and avoid being stuck in a bubble of comparison. Listen to find out how.


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There Are Some Amazing Cities In ETX. We’ve Partnered With ETX Traveler To Provide A Guide And Directory That Highlights The Best In Each One


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