It's All Good In The Piney Woods!

Texarkana: More Than Just A State Line

We have been wanting to visit Texarkana for a while now, if only because I thought our daughter would get a kick out of standing in Texas and Arkansas at the same time on State Line Avenue. Little did I know, Texarkana has so much more to offer than 11...

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Hi, I’m Ciara – welcome to ETX Life! I want to inspire everyone to have a sense of adventure in East Texas. My goal is to highlight, promote and support local businesses. I invite you to follow along on my journey as I encourage and foster community growth in the region.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Goats

#1. Goats eat everything, literally everything, but the grass. Goats are browsers not grazers. Even though goats are thought of as farm animals like cattle they are more closely related to deer and thus have the same eating habits. Goats will strip a tree bare of leaves before they even...

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The Potpourri House

If you live in Tyler, Texas more than likely, you have been to The Potpourri House. It is a Tyler staple and like the name suggests, offers a little bit of everything. Originally The Potpourri House was on Front Street in a 1904 Victorian home. The quaint space offered tea...

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Men, in general are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. In my experience, they either buy what they want, or want things out of my price range or request items that require a deep understanding of subjects I know nothing about. When you look at Father’s Day greeting cards they...

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Featured East Texan

Meet native East Texan, Ms. Sherry Chaney Morgan. Ms. Morgan is currently serving as the Executive Director of the award winning Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Eat Your Yard

A guide for finding your sanity and your dinner Much like most people I am safe at home during this quarantine. Especially since I am a nurse and isolating further in case of potential exposure. Using this time to get ahead on school work and home improvement projects can only...

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The Sky’s The Limit At Skyline Burrito

The hunt for good Mexican food is ongoing for our family. If given a choice, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nearly 7 days a week. While we were in Lufkin recently we found Skyline Burrito. Set up in a similar fashion to Chipotle, where you can...

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We Have A Nac For That

It’s no secret I have an affinity for East Texas towns. It’s why I do what I do! While I can’t claim a favorite, Nacogdoches has definitely captured my heart in so many ways. Maybe it’s the quaint downtown or their well known love and support for local music. Maybe...

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