DIY Clay Dish Workshop

I have written about the Starr Family Home before (click to read). I love how enthusiastic the staff is when it comes to sponsoring community events and putting on workshops. I have had my eye on this particular one for awhile after seeing some examples on Pinterest. I happened to have my bestie in town visiting from Austin so it was a great excuse to get crafty with the girls.

We found out about the event on Facebook and reserved our spot. All the supplies and tools were included for $10 per person. The event was held at the Blake House. We started with fresh clay that we rolled out flat. It was a little workout getting it malleable enough to cooperate. Once we decided on a design we proceeded to cut it out. There were several templates to choose from like flowers, hearts, animals, etc. or you could create your own.

I like smaller trinket dishes so I formed my own using a plastic cup as a mold. Once I got my shape I used an exacto knife to cut it out. There were some rubber stamps to make little impression in the clay like tiny flowers, butterflies and even letters to customize your dish. They were baked for about 15 minutes in the oven. Once they cooled off we gently sanded any rough spots until our creations had nice, smooth edges. Now for the fun part. We picked out our brushes and paint colors.

I kept mine pretty simple. I like the rustic farmhouse look that lends itself to unfinished edges and minimal color. I haven’t decided whether or not I will add more color yet. I do think I will seal them with a clear coat to prevent chipping at some point. These would make really sweet custom gifts for bridesmaids. It would also be a fun activity for a birthday party where you want to include an activity and take home gift.

Keep your eye out for events at the Starr Family Home. In our experience they always deliver a fun and unique experience. Many are kid friendly and the prices are always reasonable.

407 West Travis St.
Marshall, TX 75670



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