You know I love a good teaching opportunity for our daughter. While I consider our kiddo to be an empathetic and caring little human when I asked her what part of Christmas excited her the most she said, “presents!” Who can blame her? Receiving gifts IS a lot of fun, whether you are nearly 5 or 85. However, the holidays can be a very sad and difficult time for a lot of people. Holidays are particularly stressful when you are struggling to make ends meet and provide for your family. Our law enforcement officers spend the holidays away from their families in order to serve and protect ours. Not to mention the folks that don’t have family or resources to celebrate the holidays at all. A few years ago we started a tradition with our daughter that I’m sharing with you, in hopes that it will spread and bring joy and holiday cheer to our local ETX communities. The experience will also benefit your family. Each time your child sees you giving to a charitable cause, it reinforces good behavior and gives you an opportunity to explain why it is important to give and how rewarding charity can be. Let your child help choose what charities you decide to help. Take photos, share with friends and family and invite them to do the same. Donating in the name of a family member or friend that is difficult to buy for is a win-win as well. Below is a list of organizations in need of your help. You have options, there is an opportunity to contribute that will fit every budget and situation. Whether you choose one or several from the list or make a list of your own you will be capturing the true meaning of the season.

For The Pet Lover

Humane Society of Harrison County
The Pet Place
1901 Jefferson Avenue Marshall, TX 75670-1275
In Need Of: Animal care: Paper towels, Kong toys, toys for dogs and cats, fabric softener sheets, window cleaner, bleach, grooming supplies, dust pans with long handles Animal Bedding: Blankets, Towels, Carpet squares Behavior and training: Freeze-dried liver treats, dog and puppy biscuits, and greenies.

Donations may be dropped off on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Adoption Center located at 4517 Old Bullard Road in Tyler.

Giving Back to Those Who Serve

Military families are some of the most deserving people during the holiday season. Or

Police Department
2101 E. End Blvd North 903-935-4575
Bring cards, store bought cookies, bottled beverages, call ahead and offer to order a variety of pizzas for the night shift.

Fire Department
601 South Grove Street 903-935-4580 Cards, grocery store gift cards, store bought treats.

Trash Collection Cards, gift cards USPS driver Card, gift card, store bought treats

The Book Lover

Marshall Public Library
Visit the link below to see more details on how to donate to the library.

Helping Kids

CASA volunteers help thousands of neglected or abused children in Texas get out of foster care into happy homes. You can volunteer your time, services or donate. CASA also participates in Amazon Smile, each time you shop with Amazon a portion will go to CASA.

No One Should Go Hungry

East Texas Food Bank
Donate your time or food.

Support Women and Children
East TX crisis center appreciates donations such as diapers, toiletries, fresh fruit, towels, blankets and more.

Women’s Center East TX. is in need of feminine hygiene products, pajamas, OTC medicine such as Tylenol, etc. Longview, Marshall and Henderson M-Th 8-5:30 Fri 8-noon

Donate Blood & Save A Life

Donate blood



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