Kitts Kornbread Sandwich & Pie Bar

A cornbread sandwich sounds good in theroy but doesn’t cornbread just crumble apart? This is the question I asked our waitress at Kitt’s. She informed us the cornbread holds up just fine and it’s a top secret family recipe. Intrigued, I ordered the Original and The Husband ordered The Texan. My choice was a simple but tasty ham and cheese so I was able to eat it like any normal sandwich. The Husband picked the only one on the menu that has to be eaten with a fork on account of the chili. Each sandwich comes with a bag of chips.

The menu is pretty simple with some sandwiches, burgers, a few soups and salads to choose from. Don’t bother asking for “regular bread” for your sandwich. It’s cornbread or no bread. The cornbread is slightly sweet, spongy and not dry or crumbly at all. I think they keep the menu simple so you save room for pie. We ordered pecan to go and enjoyed it later that day. I still want to go back and try their cheesecake.

Kitt’s is located in a historic old building and is in a great location to stop for lunch or a pie break in between shopping and sightseeing. The service was warm and friendly and our waitress answered all our questions. We think this a fun spot to take out of town guests since it’s a bit of a Southern novelty.

Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich & Pie Bar
125 N. Polk St.
Jefferson, TX 75657



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