Powerful Plants From River Hill Nursery

I have a jade plant and a spider plant that are over 25 years old. These resilient plants are super easy to propagate and I have shared them with many, many friends. When all you have to do is stick a pup in some soil or water and boom – you have a new plant it doesn’t get any easier than that. I get a lot of joy from my plants. I find it therapeutic to nurture them and watch them grow. I actually brought a jade cutting to Kellie and Seth, the owners of River Hill Nursery as a sort of hostess gift if you will.

They were kind enough to give us an in depth tour of their new nursery located in De Berry, TX. It is not your standard nursery. Not that it lacks a nice selection of plants, fruit trees, flowers, veggies, succulents and cactus. It is so much more than plants. I don’t mean overpriced tchokies made in China either. When you visit River Hill you are getting a whole experience. You will leave knowing more about plants and a bunch of cool fast facts on East Texas history, old movies, books, vintage guns, toys and various antiques. It is one part museum and one part plant nursery with loads of treasures in between.

I love plant nurseries. I always have. Walking down the aisles and seeing all the possibilities bursting with color and potential to transform my space hook me every time. You would be amazed at what a couple of indoor green plants can do visually, not to mention all the pollutants they can reduce. By absorbing gases through their leaves and roots most leafy plants are adept at purifying indoor air. Some beneficial plants for this purpose are Japanese royal ferns, spider plants, Boston ferns, purple waffle plants, English ivy, areca palms, golden pothos, aloe vera, snake plants and peace lilies.

If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving plants are your answer. Planting a tree to signify a birth, a marriage or even a death is a unique tribute. Gifting flowers that will continue to grow rather than a cut bouquet that barely lasts a week is a meaningful present. Not to mention the fact that many plants like peppermint, lavender, citronella, marigolds and basil deter mosquitos and can serve double duty as tasty additions to your cooking.

There is something special about visiting a local plant nursery versus a big box store. For one thing it’s obvious the owners take pride in their plants. You won’t see any withered, thirsty, sad afterthoughts laying around. Every plant was hand picked by a local small business owner and that alone deserves to be rewarded. You will get customer service by someone invested in your plant growing success. We hope you take advantage of River Hill Nursery as a destination. It will have you coming back again and again to see what’s new while discovering the past.

Update: Unfortunately, River Hill Nursery is now closed.



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