The Best Run Is In Color

I have a love hate relationship with running. I love that it’s a free form of exercise. I hate that you have to run. When I heard about the Maverick Mile Color Run I decided it was a good opportunity to dust off my running shoes. Since my entry fee would be benefitting the Marshall Education Foundation and our daughter would get to douse me in rainbow color the consensus was we would participate as a family.

What is a color run anyway? Typically it’s an untimed event where participants can walk, jog or run while spectators toss colored powder (cornstarch) at the passerbys. Everyone is encouraged to participate and it’s a perfect event for all ages to enjoy. The colors are so bright and vibrant it makes for eye catching photos and a really good time. I would recommend wearing sunglasses to help avoid getting powder in your eyes. In our case the wind was making it a little tricky and the color throwers were looking just as decorated as the runners. Our daughter learned that the hard way!

Several sponsors showed up with water, raffle prizes and financial support. This is one of the events that gives assistance directly to our schools by funding innovative teaching grants. These grants help educators offer programs and projects to better engage their students. By developing innovative ideas in the classroom our children and our community benefit. When you think of people with large sums of disposable income you never think of teachers right? Exactly. Yet these are the people we entrust our kid’s educational foundation with. My point is, anytime we have a chance to support our educators we should jump (or run in this case) at that opportunity.

Some tips: If you want your color to show up and make your pictures that much better I suggest wearing white. In this case you could have ordered a t-shirt when you registered for the event. While the color does wash out I wouldn’t recommend wearing something you aren’t willing to part with if it does stain. Most of the color will brush off but if you are concerned about getting it in your car, bring a change of clothes or a towel to sit on. We took showers as soon as we got home and you will be surprised where color ends up (hint: your ears).

I think the Marshall Education Foundation does a good job of trying to put together fun, family friendly events that unite our community. Showing our daughter that we support our schools, teachers and administrators is modeling the fact that we value education and it is a priority. Was I out of my comfort zone running through bursts of colored powder? Yes. Was it worth it and would I do it again? Absolutely.

For more information on how you can support The Marshall Education Foundation find them on Facebook @backthemavs.



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