Texarkana: More Than Just A State Line

We have been wanting to visit Texarkana for a while now, if only because I thought our daughter would get a kick out of standing in Texas and Arkansas at the same time on State Line Avenue. Little did I know, Texarkana has so much more to offer than 11 miles of divided state lines. […]

The Potpourri House

If you live in Tyler, Texas more than likely, you have been to The Potpourri House. It is a Tyler staple and like the name suggests, offers a little bit of everything. Originally The Potpourri House was on Front Street in a 1904 Victorian home. The quaint space offered tea room service and curated antiques. […]

The Sky’s The Limit At Skyline Burrito

The hunt for good Mexican food is ongoing for our family. If given a choice, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nearly 7 days a week. While we were in Lufkin recently we found Skyline Burrito. Set up in a similar fashion to Chipotle, where you can visually point out the ingredients […]

We Have A Nac For That

It’s no secret I have an affinity for East Texas towns. It’s why I do what I do! While I can’t claim a favorite, Nacogdoches has definitely captured my heart in so many ways. Maybe it’s the quaint downtown or their well known love and support for local music. Maybe it’s the college student influence […]

Visit The Texas Forestry Museum

When the Texas Forestry Museum popped up on my Instagram feed I was a little skeptical. How interesting could a museum about Texas Forests possibly be? Especially to a 5 year old, we like being outside with actual trees, not in a tree museum. I reached out to the Museum Director, Kendall Gay and she […]

Spruce It Up In Lufkin

I’m always on the lookout for women owned and operated businesses here in East Texas. That’s what brought me into Spruce Boutique in Lufkin, Texas. I first saw them on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the classic styles that combine both fun and classic elements. I can see why Spruce appeals to a wide […]

There Are Dinosaurs In ETX

One of the things I love about East Texas is the fact there is never a shortage of things to do. This is especially true of kid friendly activities. The main challenge (and why I do what I do here on ETX Life) is finding those activities. I feel like I discovered one of the […]

To Moonrivers Naturals And Back

After working for Whole Foods in Austin I gained a much greater appreciation for what goes into the products we use on our skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. While not every chemical will be absorbed through your skin we know without debate that some chemicals can and do enter our bloodstream through […]

Cafe 1948 – Where Coffee Is An Experience

My husband and I understand all too well the challenges of operating multiple small businesses while maintaining some semblance of home and family life. I think we may have met our match with Amber and Samuel Richmann, founders and owners of Cafe 1948 among other business ventures. These two entrepreneurs are actively contributing to the […]

Say Cheese With Haute Goat Creamery

A couple weeks ago we were at the Longview Farmers Market sampling some of the best goat cheese I had ever tasted from Haute Goat Creamery. Full of flavor and offered by a local family run business out of White Oak, Texas I had to know more. Full disclosure I have yet to meet a […]